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User-friendly Interface Spells

User-friendly Interface Spells

An interface that is designed with primary objective "to look good" is doomed from the start. Instead, I carefully work out a project in different flow-phases, each focussing on an additional set of functions. This way every function gets the full attention it deserves and will be iterated through prototypes and tests.

Echanting of Brand identity

Enchanting of Brand identity

Every brand has a story. What do you want yours to be? Let's convert your vision into a design that actually reflects your core values, instead of randomly picking colours and shapes. Giving your brand that extra dimension and maintaining consistency throughout all the elements, that is what I do to make your brand shine.

Magic Print Designs

Magic Print Designs

The power of print should never be underestimated. So do you want a design dossier, stationary designs, folders, stickers, t-shirts, beach-banners or something else that is completely crazy? Let's make it happen together. Designing a campaign or putting your thoughts onto paper (or pvc, textile, wood,...) is what I do!

  • Mobile Vikings
  • Syntra
  • Open Knowledge Belgium
  • Stad Gent
  • Westtoer
  • Leiedal
  • Truvo
  • open Summer of Code
  • Stad Genk
  • Stad Leuven
  • Cultuurconnect

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Flagship works together with all kinds of partners. They come in all shapes & sizes, but they share 1 thing; A big smile when they see their project shine!

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Kapsalon Sezou

Brand Identity & Print

A Project for Kapsalon Sezou

New branding for Kapsalon Sezou, Namecards New branding for Kapsalon Sezou, advert New branding for Kapsalon Sezou, logo

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Open Belgium Conference 2017

Edition Branding

More about his project on

A Project for Open Knowledge Belgium

Roll-up banner design Speaker cards, parking tickets and lanyard design Lanyard brochure design Sticker design (photo of the conference) Promo-material designs; Tote bags, blocnotes, stickers and t-shirts Digital and non-digital signage and timetable designs

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Brand Identity & Packaging

A Project for Robin Hageman

Brand Identity and packaging design

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Apps For Ghent 2017: Get Crunching!

Edition branding

A Project for Digipolis, Open Knowledge Belgium and City of Ghent for their yearly Apps For Ghent hackaton.

Lanyard and brochure design Icons, t-shirt and badge design Large scale digital display designs Inspiration cards design

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Apps For Ghent Branding

Tote bag and Roll-up banner design

A Project for Digipolis, Open Knowledge Belgium and City of Ghent for their yearly Apps For Ghent hackaton.

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Dog Bake Box

Brand Identity & Packaging

A Project for Robin Hageman

Sticker, pattern and illustration designs

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iRail at De Krook

Live Data Visualization

Comming soon

A Project for imec and Open Knowledge Belgium

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Vectorized portraits

A pretty simple project;
Two vectorized, minimalistic representation portraits made using Adobe Illustrator.
They were printed as round stickers.

A Personal Project

2 different kind of stickers with vector portraits on it. Zoomed-in vector portrait

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A brand identity and webdesign

oasis is an action in which governments and researchers work together to improve the accessibility of public sector services by harnessing the power of linked open data. The logo represents the possible connections and the typical waves of sand found in a desert. The structure of the website was based on the AppsForX Light template. Take a peek at the website here.

A Project for Open Knowledge Belgium.

Homepage OASIS footer Webdesign OASIS Logo OASIS Styleguide OASIS

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Installation Apps For Ghent

A manual way of data gathering

The installation for Apps For Ghent was mainly built for the Digitale Doebeurs Ghent in 2016. However, it was built so it could be re-used for years to come. Thanks to it's modular structure, it is possible to change the questions. We found that "data-sets" and "data-gathering" are rather difficult concepts to explain to a general audience. That is why we chose to bring both concepts to a human level, not by using technology but, instead, your own hands and a piece of rope.

A Project for Open Knowledge Belgium and City of Ghent for their yearly Apps For Ghent hackaton.

Photograph of the built installation (endresult) Custom made icons for each category of the installation

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A Book Recommendation Application

Meet Biblo, a lil’ fellow that wants to help your child find his or her new favorite book. By asking what your kid likes, whether it’s magic or sports, Bieblo suggests relevant books that are right up their alley and available in the nearest library. It’s a fun and user-friendly way to bring books back to young children.

A Project for Cultuurconnect

Biblo Application on iPad Biblo Application on iPhone and Roll-up Banner

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Tim Tijd

A booklet guiding kids through the use of storytelling

Tim Tijd is a time traveller who journeys through 4 cultural sites in the province of Limburg. This time, he has crashed in the Gallo-Roman Museum in Tongeren, where kids can help him on his mission to repair his time-machine. Kids learn about the objects on display in each room and experience life as a real Roman citizen through the use of storytelling and mini games. In the end, they can collect stickers unique to that cultural site.

A Project for Gallo-Roman Museum Tongeren

Tim Tijd - Pagina 1 Tim Tijd - Pagina 2 Tim Tijd - Pagina 3 Tim Tijd - Pagina 4 Tim Tijd - Pagina 5 Tim Tijd - Pagina 6

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Concept, Research, UX/UI, Brand Identity

Do you have any idea how to calculate the energy efficiency of your home by yourself? This Leiedal application combines useful information and playful animations. That way, the energy usage of your home will no longer hold any secrets. Thanks to clear and personal advice you will be able to optimize your house and save money on your energy bill.

A Project for Leiedal

Plong step-by-step Quote: Plong doesn't ask you to be an expert, Plong is the expert itself Plong Map-view Plong Illustrations

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Leuven Leest App

Concept, Research, UX/UI, Prototype, Brand Identity

Do you feel like reading is a solitary practice and that you can not seem to find people who share the same interests? Well not anymore! The Leuven Leest App provides a local guide for reading spots, then it allows you to see who and what someone else is reading near you. It allows you to share your private book library so you can exchange books with other readers! This way the practice of reading becomes a social activity, in a future which is all about sharing experiences and publicly owned books.

A Project for Cultuurconnect

Leuven Leest App Interface mockup Leuven Leest App Interface mockup Leuven Leest Design Dossier cover Leuven Leest Design Dossier inside Leuven Leest Promotional Bookmark

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The CCV identity

"CCV", A brand identity, logo and 2 information brochures for Syntra

CCV, short for Context-driven Competence Acquisition, is a brand new technique invented by Syntra and introduced in their new courses. A unique logo and identity was created for this technique. This logo is based on the multiple slice diagram on which the technique is based on. To clarify the new technique to Syntra's employees and students, two brochures were designed in a bright, vivid and clear style.

A Project for Syntra

CCV logo design CCV brochure CCV alternative logo designs

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SBS Kermt

A brand identity for Stedelijke Basisschool Kermt

The elementary school "Stedelijke Basisschool Kermt" lacked brand consistency and a clear brand identity. We have organised several brainstorming sessions with all their teachers, parents and children. With those results, we set up core values for the school, which are all implemented in the mascot/logo.

The mascot is a proud bird-like animal with its chest out and chin up in the air. First, it is proud of the school environment and is confident in the abilities of each individual child. Second, the 'bird' stands for freedom. Free to speak its mind, share its ideas and feelings. And once the student is ready to go to High School, it will spread its wings and fly out the nest. Third, as you can see our little bird has 2 giant ears. By this we want to show both parents and students that SBS Kermt is open for feedback and will listen to each child that requires extra attention. Finally, probably the most distinguished striking shape, the striped beak of the bird, which stands for diversity and respect. Everyone should feel at home at SBS Kermt, regardless of origin, religion, skin colour or gender.

And we have also incorporates a unique style " Theme of the Year " in all the branding, as in the example below where the school's theme was "Dreaming". By doing this, all stakeholders will be reminded and activated in what the school is working around all year. All of the brand elements, research, development and designs are clearly documented and included in a brand identity manual. So every new print or digital design can easily be made formatted according to the guidelines. They're all set for success now!

A Project for Stedelijke Basisschool Kermt

SBS Kermt Brand guide SBS Kermt logo and SBS Maandblad logo SBS Kermt letterhead and theme of the year version

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Comfort Dome

An interactive installation bringing information and entertainment to train travellers

Together with the research group "TraPIST”, the opinions, wishes and experiences of train travellers were collected and analysed. We found out that their highest concern was the lack of comfort and information when waiting on a train platform. To answer these concerns, we developed a solution in multiple co-design sessions. Our solution: an interactive installation called "Comfort Dome” hangs from the ceiling of a platform.

Comfort Dome consists of three different shaped touchscreens; The trapezium and pentagon shaped touchscreens show real-time information on the lateral shapes, and entertainment in the centre. The UI was carefully designed to be adaptive to both screens, regardless of shape. The last screen shape is a hexagon screen, displaying information for both for platforms and for general announcements. But that’s not all, underneath the dome, travellers can experience a 360° movie and "escape" the platform whilst still being notified when their train arrives.

A Project together with imec (iMinds)

Comfort Dome Booklet Comfort Dome Booklet inside Comfort Dome UI Comfort Dome UI

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Talk Laundry

A social design project for Creative Design Module

Talk Laundry is a project based on social issues within the community of Genk. We started off by wandering around in Genk and immediately noticed a very traditional picture; the women were at home doing the laundry and the men were at work. We interviewed some of the citizens and noticed that there still was quite a taboo around "gender and work". We couldn't believe that those friendly citizens of Genk really did not support the concept of women with a career or men doing housework, so we decided to investigate this matter. By creating provocative slogans, we tried to get their honest opinion about the topic out. The result? Their opinions showed that both men and women had definite thoughts about their own role, while not having expectations from the other gender. By using language, we had to show each person that their partner and the other Genkians were actually supporting them to break the gender standards!

We wanted to display these opinions in a non-threatening manner. So we created special laundry pins, with the opinions of the citizens of Genk printed onto them. This way, they would read them within their own comfort zone and hopefully realize that Genk is much more supportive of genderless roles than they think.

A Project for Creative Design Module

Talk Laundry Presentation Talk Laundry Provocative Slogans Talk Laundry Laundry Pins with quotes

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A brand identity and the concept of a hackaton on tracks

Trackathon is a concept by alumni participants of open Summer of Code 2016. Together with other students, we came up with an idea to do a hackathon on tracks. We decided to work around mobility, while actually being in the environment which needs improvement. This means all participants will have to improvise and deal with the limitations of train travel in Belgium. (For instance the lack of good internet connection)

A Project semi-organized and designed by Flagship

Trackathon logo and style Trackathon example of how the brand works with advertisement

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Govaerts Ergotherapie

A brand identity for Govaerts Ergotherapie

Converting the abstract work of the specialized ergotherapist Jolien Govaerts into a logo design that really reflects what she stands for, was quite a challenge. To provide Govaerts Ergotherapie with their own recognizable identity, it had to really stand out. This means the logo should not be, yet another, line-art mascotte being active or standing in a sportive position. It just does not cover the real care that Jolien Govaerts provides as an ergotherapist. She offers her clients the first hand in their process to recovery, helps them improve the quality of their life with their unique needs and limitations in mind.

A Project for Govaerts Ergotherapie

Govaerts Ergotherapie Logo

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Cuberdons: Edition Packaging

An Edition packaging for Graphic Design Module

The Cuberdons Edition Packaging was designed to promote a national product, cuberdons, on the Olympic Winter Games in Sochi (Russia). The packaging shows the typical Ghent candy, called Cuberdon, in the winter theme of the games.

A Project for Graphic Design Module

Cuberdons Packaging Design

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Lindt Technics

A brand identity for Lindt Technics

The identity for Lindt Technics was based on their 2 primary activities; Electronics and plumbing works on a B2B level. These 2 were visualized through silhouette and put together in 1 element, used throughout the whole stationary design.

A Project made during an internship at Studio Rauw

Lindt Technics Logo

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Flight Patterns

An installation that represents air traffic patterns

Flight Patterns is an installation that visualizes the underlaying patterns that are continuously made by airplanes on their route to and from an airport. A small robot draws a dot representing each airplane near a certain airport on paper. It repeats this action every few minutes. After a while the (flight-)patterns start to form. The medium of paper and usage of dots per airplane makes the whole concept of "escapism” of travel appear like being stuck in a pattern again. People might feel like they are escaping from their every day life by going on a holiday, but in reality they are getting stuck in new another pattern.

A Project for Play & Game Module

The Making of Flight Patterns Flight Patterns Logo Flight Patterns: Other possible concepts

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An university college digital library application

Artevelde University College had a desire to make their libraries more open and accessible to all students, regardless of the campus where they followed classes. To do this, they needed a cross-disciplinary platform that combined all their "Mediatheken" with all of the students. Having all stakeholders in mind, we started off by creating small paper prototypes, tested those and refined the UI to create a digital library application. The results of all tests, together with the brand identity, were documented in a dossier called the "Mediatheken Guide Book".

A Project for Arteveldehogeschool Gent Mediatheken

Mediatheken Applicatie Mediatheken Design Dossier: Lay-out Mediatheken Design Dossier: Elements

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Ultimate Drinker

A hackathon concept of an application

Ultimate Drinker is a concept and UI-design made during the Gentse Feesten Hackathon in 2015. Together with a team of developers, we crafted a concept matching the festive atmosphere. Ultimate Drinker is a smartphone application made for discovering local (alcoholic) drinks in a fun and responsible way. The app will give the user an hourly challenge to drink a local beverage. Firstly, the user has to find this beverage in a local bar, then drink it and take a photo of it. When all of this happens within the countdown (1 hour), he/she will be rewarded a score and the consumed drink will be added to his/her "Beverage Journal". Due to the hourly challenge of alcoholic (and sometimes non-alcoholic) drinks, one can discover the many different beverages that Belgium has to offer!

A Project by Flagship Studio during Gentse Feesten Hackathon 2015

Ultimate Dinker Logo and Illustrations Ultimate Drinker Application preview

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Energetische Voetmassage

A brand identity and contact card

More than ever was it important to get the right atmosphere and feeling in this brand identity design. To give an additional dimension to the calm colours and lotus flower illustration, it was printed on high quality paper and finished with a soft-touch matte varnish. When holding the card, one can feel the softness and experience a comforting feeling, which is the goal of an Energetic footmassage.

A project for Energetische Voetmassage

Energetische Voetmassage Gevouwen Visitekaartje Energetische Voetmassage Logo

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An awareness campaign about the importance of bees, for elementary schools and parents

BijZonder is a project that that schools can participate in during 1 week. BijZonder focuses on informing and making their students (and parents) more aware of the importance of bees. Every day the project focuses on 1 specific topic, ranging from 'What the difference is between bees, wasps and bumblebees?' and 'How do bees affect the food on our plate?'. They learn about the importance through the use of card- and digital games. They will learn how to build a bee hotel, and how to optimize their garden for supporting bees. At the end of the week, they will be awarded a personalized "Bee Degree", and get a free ticket to visit the beekeepers in Genk's Heempark!

A Project for Stad Genk

BijZonder Wesp, Hommel en Honingbij spel BijZonder Pesticide Spel BijZonder Digitaal leerplatform BijZonder Huisstijl en Team

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LED's Battle

A competitive public game prototype

LED's Battle is about bringing people together in public space. The game makes clever use of attractive LED lights, which draw attention to it. Once a player touches one of the rings, the game will react by assigning a color to this player. After that, the game will start by blinking a random LED on the board, which needs to be 'touched' to claim. But be aware, other players can join in too, and possibly take over your claimed LEDs! Once all LED's show in one player's colour, that player will be the winner!

LED's battle was built using an Arduino Uno and a Capacitive Touch Sensor connected to the steel rings. The sensor measures when someone touches the ring and the first to touch the ring around their blinking LED will claim it.

A Project for Public Play Module

LED's Battle Academic paper LED's Battle final protoype